Digital Story Grade w/ Rubric

Digital Story Assessment Tool

CriteriaDoes Not Meet (1)Approaching (3)Meeting (5)
Assignment CriteriaAssignment does not meet the 4 min requirement or even closeAssignment meets the 4 min requirement but with some information that may or may not be quality Assignment meets or exceeds 4 min requirement but doesn’t go on and on, and gives all quality information
Originality, Voice & CreativityStory does not get your attention and you aren’t able to make out the wordsStory is told with a clear voice and shows some sort creativity and planningStory is understood by any audience, shows creativity and thought and easy to hear over sound
Flow, Organization & PacingStory does not flowStory flows mainly but can use some reorganizationStory shows no flaw in the flow or organization 
Presentation & PerformancePresentation is not college level Parts of the presentation show college level expertiseStory is college performance level
Media ApplicationStory does not show proper use of mediaStory shows the student has a concept of media but may or may not have applied it correctlyStory shows proper use of media

After examining all components of my digital story and rubric I was able to come up with a fair grade.

Assignment Criteria: 5 meets beautiful time

Originality, Voice and Creativity: 4 loved the creativity, some parts of the story it seems the words were doubled, would have rerecorded or made sure those parts flowed better

Flow, Organization & Pacing: 5

Presentation & Performance: 4 I would have liked to see more videos along with the pictures that were present just to represent more variation.

Media Application: 5


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