Access to Technology

The people in the school who are in charge of the technology are the library media specialists. They  are always available to assist students or teachers but anything outside of their realm would have to go outside of the school and to the school district. The school district houses the IT team that oversees the technology and learning for students and teachers. The technology that is most prevalent is their individual chrome book laptops. These computers are used in the day to day learning process of these students all day long. Whether for school work, homework, classwork, test preparation or typing up assignments. Other classroom technologies that were present were projectors, an apple TV, and smart boards (math classrooms specifically). Every class uses Google Classroom where the teacher uploads assignments, grades, due dates and announcements. All of these technologies are free to students and teachers unless they break their laptops, then there is a fee to repair or replace it. The firewall that blocks access to certain websites and applications is pretty strict. Even the wordpress website was blocked which was really a shocker to me. My mentor teacher explained that it’s set up that way for many reasons, most obvious, but mainly to cover their backs as educators. There is so much out there on the internet and by giving out laptops it is important to be able to block any and everything even slightly inappropriate coming from a school computer. She also stated that in order to get a website unblocked herself, it would have to go through the IT department which is at the school board, so she very rarely petitions any of the sites. She says “if it’s blocked, i’m sure it’s blocked for a reason”. The firewall can’t be passed unless contacting the tech department through email. I was able to speak with my mentor teacher who also had two paraprofessionals in the classroom with her at the time and she invited the librarian up for her to help answer any questions she could as well. Upon reading her the questions she said “I know just who to call”. She said the media specialist works as the liaison between the IT department and the teachers and students. The librarian definitely had a lot more information than my mentor teacher and the paraprofessionals but mainly because the teachers said they just don’t mess with the technology of it all, one of the paraprofessionals, Kayla, said “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”, when pertaining to getting sites unblocked through the IT department.


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