Video Game Exploration

During my video game exploration since the beginning of class I’ve been able to find some pretty cool video games that my students can use to perfect their math skills. After the in class examples, I was able to narrow down my suggestion, trying to make sure I had a game that was pleasantly frustrating as well as one be a suitable practice for one of the topics I know for a fact take lots of learning by doing. The game that I decided on is called High-Stakes Heist and it is a game designed for middle school students to perfect the order of operations. The order of operations is very well known as PEMDAS or Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally which stands for Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction. The game can be found on The game is fun and challenging at the same time. Offering you a set of equations and giving you a certain amount of time to correctly use the order of operations to break the lock safe (solving 4 equations correctly). I think it’s a very good practice of the order of operations because it won’t challenge the students too bad that they will quit but students will still be granted a challenge answering the questions accurately and before time runs out. This game displays Gee’s principle of pleasantly frustrating.


My name is Taylor but you can call me Tay for short. I was born and raised in Cleveland Heights. This is my second year in graduate school here at JCU. In my spare time I like playing with and reading to my babies. I also am very craft so when I have time I craft and when I don’t I craft for my business creating all types of personalized goodies for my customers as well as decorating for their events. Between school, my kids and my business that takes up 110% of my time. I’m a pretty quick learner so as long as I’m given accurate directions and shown how to do something I’m pretty certain I can figure it out. My learning style is being resilient to whichever style I’m being taught. The biggest risk I’ve taken in a course is group work because some people don’t want to do equivalent work. It’s always been the worst part of school to me but since going to JCU I’ve kept an open mind.
I like to read drama the most. The book I’m reading now was written by my friend and a team of authors.
One question I have about the class is how are the 10 hours distributed? Do we get to choose when we go or are all the hours chosen for us?

Meet the Kiddos

I have three children whom I love and adore the most, Kayli, Giavonni and Saint. Saint will be 6 months on September 2nd. Gio will be 2 October 5th and Kayli will be 10 October 10th. It has been so much fun learning, loving and watching them grow. Currently my most important hat I wear is stay at home mom. Here I homeschool my 1 and 6 month old. All three of my kids are such loving, playful and perfect little humans.

About Me

Hello everyone. My name is Taylor, or Tay for short. I am beginning my second year in graduate school at John Carroll, studying Middle Childhood Education with a concentration of Math and English. I hope to one day teach in a low income district and pour into students who need supportive and reliable teachers most. Enjoy my journey during this class, I hope to learn from you as well as be able to help at least some of you learn from me, just as I will in my own future classroom.